How much is my new five pound note worth?

People are finding that their recently issued five pound notes could be worth more than their face value. Read on to find out how our free five pound note serial checker can help you realise just how much your own five pound note might be worth...

Five Pound Note Serial Number Checker

Here's what to look out for...

The Serial Number can be found towards the lower right hand side of the Winston Churchill face on the note. Enter this number into our free five pound note serial checker to see what people are currently paying for a similar note.
Here's what might influence the value...

New Five Pound Note

Serial Numbers starting with AA01 - These are the first five pound notes to be distributed to the public. The very first made avaliable to the public is AA001000017, which sold for more than £4,000

AB01, AC01, AD01 - Worth less than the AA01 but still may fetch more thsan their face value.

Numbers with other meanings - Examples such as AK47, 007, 666, 999 can fetch much more than the five pound note face value.

Blocks or a run of numbers - Examples being 123456, 111111, 999999, or even lesser blocks such as 111222, can again increase the face value of the five pound note

Printing Errors - Misprinted fivers could again increase the value of your fiver. Examples have been known to have people bidding into the thousands for such examples